Attachment styles and relationships

Here at the San Francisco Counseling Center, we’ve decided to explore the subject of attachment in a series of blog posts. Our attachment style plays an important role in how we navigate socially and form and maintain relationships. Our attachment style primarily comes from our upbringing and how our caregivers responded to our needs. These […]

Insomnia and ‘sleep hygiene’

Most people experience the occasional difficulty falling asleep.  Today life is faster than it was a generation ago and we have much less barrier between our personal life and our work life, the result can be that we carry much more of our work life with us throughout the day.  Here are some tips to […]

Video: One Possible Meaning of a Tattoo

A couple of years ago, our Director, Dr. Scott Schulkin participated in a video for a student’s master degree project.  The video depicts the possible meanings of a tattoo for a particular person.  Warning – it is sad. The video was by Vanessa Hellman and her crew.  It is an excellent video.  We hope you […]

A Loving Account - Video


A colleague who runs a clinic recently attended a management seminar.  She described one point about passive-aggressiveness in the work place, and the seminar leader’s instructions were to ask the employee 5 different ways why that person was behaving in a passive-aggressive manner.  Sounds on the surface like a reasonable plan. But it’s not.  Here’s […]

Graduation and other milestones

  As we are approaching the season for graduations, there are many reasons to pause for reflection.  Typically, milestones such as graduation, certain birthdays (18, 21, 30, 40, 50, etc), life events (birth of a sibling, birth of a child, marriage or partnership commitment, illness, divorce, etc) are all causes for reflection.  Typically, we think […]


Anxiety is a problem which has many faces.  Many times we do not even know we are experiencing anxiety.  To make matters even worse, when we don’t know we are anxious, we cannot deal with the problem, respond appropriately, or deal with our mate properly. What does anxiety look like?  Many of the signs and […]

10 Easy Tips to Help You Improve Your Relationship 1

Here is a “Top 10″ list of tips that can help you improve your relationship.  These tips come from our experience with individual, couples and group therapy.  Here goes: 1. Don’t blame your partner.          Often times we expect our partner to be perfect (despite the fact that we are not!).  We often hold our […]

Sibling Rivalry

“I lost my job the other day.  Well, it’s not that I lost my job, but when I got there, there was some other guy doing it.”    Comedian Bob “Bobcat” Goldthwait. This is something of the experience of the older sibling.  It was his/her place, to be the prince/princess, the center of attention.  Suddenly, there […]

Premarital Counseling

Marriage/commitment can be a wonderful thing.  We all hope to find the perfect person, to live “happily ever after.”   In our culture, we have few examples of happy couples.  If we are lucky, we have encountered some growing up.  Sometimes, not. What happens after ‘the big day’?  The excitement of moving from being a single […]